Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breaking the Detox Day 2 - Picture Day

As Promised I did pictures today. SO... here are side by side photos of Detox Eve and Day 2 of breaking the detox
07/09/2007 247lbs --------------------- 07/31/2007 219lbs

weight: 247.............................219 ....................-28
Bust: 49 1/2"..........................44 1/2"............. -5"
Waist: 44"................................43" ...................-1"
Hips: 53 1/2"...........................49 3/4"............-3 3/4"
Thigh: 27 1/2".........................25 1/2" ...........-2"
Upper arm: 17 1/2"................15" ...................-2 1/2"
Size 24 or 3x.............................18/20 2x .......-2 sizes.
SO total 14 1/4" and 2 sizes .... Awesome!
Today was an awesome day. I got to eat Strawberries! YUM! They were great! The fresh flavor is something so wonderful. That is got to be one of the best things about doing this detox for 21 days is learning how great food tastes again, enjoying it, and savoring it. I don't know that I have tasted a sweeter strawberry. I also had my carrots and cucumbers today both of which were terrific. I decided to hold off on the green pepper though, was a bit too strong. I have a pear and a peach for tomorrow and maybe some yellow squash, not sure yet. BUT I get to have OATMEAL! Yeah...I'm so excited to have oatmeal! I'm going to put vanilla in it and it is going to be sooooo yummy.
I'm still feeling great, High energy and good concentration at work. Still doing our walk in the evenings and hubby has been on board with me, not doing the detox, but watching portions and doing my walks with me...Have I told you he has lost 14lbs doing this! It's nice that we are both losing weight and looking at a healthier lifestyle together. Didn't I tell you he was awesome?!
Well on to Day 3 of the rest of my life!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Breaking the Detox Day 1

WOW, I made it...I just could hardly believe it! I discussed with DH that I wanted to break my fast with him and the family but he pointed out the book says to eat the veggies for lunch and I'm not sure why it is specific but I thought I better stick to that at least for today. So I brought my carrots, cucumber and green pepper to work with me, and decided to do my protein shake for dinner.
My first food in 21 days was a carrot. It's funny I cut up all my food super tiny thin sticks i guess I was afraid of the reaction I would have to chewing. The carrot was beautiful. It was sweet and solid. I really enjoyed it. I took 1/2 hour to eat my veggies. I wanted to enjoy them all. The cucumber was cool, and crunch, with a very mild taste. The green pepper was Strong and vivid. I had to take it a little slower with them. In the end, I ate all but 2 strips of the peppers. It was good, I took my enzyme tablets one in the middle and one at the end, but didn't have a stomach ache. I cant wait to eat my fruit tomorrow. I have chosen strawberries. I just finished cutting them up, along with my veggie lunch.
For my dinner this evening I did the protein shake. I picked the vanilla flavor, and here is the stupid reason why. I love chocolate so much that chocolate flavored supplements taste gross to me, and I figured I could always add something to the vanilla shake if it was gross. Well, I blended it up real good in the bullet (did I mention it started working again the next day?) and sat down with the family for dinner. It was ...ehhhhhhhhhh.... honestly the berry flavored green drink tasted better, but Tomorrow, I will put a strawberry or something in it.
SO, breaking the fast went well...I'd love to go try eating something else right now but....lol
The colon cleanse continues for DH and me, actually today was an active day for me there...I'm cutting back my pills tonight cause I stopped counting after the 13th trip to the restroom before noon. DH said he didn't break 10...
DH isn't here tonight :( he and his brother and my daughter went scouting for the up coming hunting season so my trips jumped in to do my walk with me, however it rained and rained over here, and some streets had standing water on them so I broke out the work out dance tape. It's 40 minutes and that is about 20 minutes more then we do on our walk so I figured it was a fair exchange. Probably better.... SO we rocked the living room after my DS went to bed.

Thanks for all your great comments! I really appreciate them....They all put a big smile on my face. I am proud that I made it! I am excited for my lifestyle change.
I don't know how to end it....
How about Day 1 DONE, Rest of my life to go! :D

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Detox Day 21 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Wow, can you believe it! It's here, the last day completed. I feel great! I'm proud that I made it through the entire thing without cheating. I'm glad to be a success story without doing the colonics or body wraps. I feel like I've done some great things for my body and my mental relationship with food. I feel like I can develop a new lifestyle with food and continue to loose weight and become more healthy.
Today I had that BBQ to go to so we did our walk early in the day in the blazing 100+ temps at 2pm...ugh...and yes, just a walk, we did attempt to run twice but I couldn't do it. I pre-made my supplement for dinner and brought a sports bottle of distilled water and wha la! I was ok. The food smelt great and I really enjoyed smelling it! It wasn't torture, I just enjoyed the way it smelled. I don't know if that makes sense. I even asked my husband to smell his cream cheese salsa dip cause it really smelt great. I could almost taste it. lol So successfully made it through my busy weekend! Plus I made brownies and pasta salad to bring to the party....talk about great smells!
I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is day 1 of breaking the detox. I'll probably post those experiences as well, I expect that I will have a few stomach aches. I bought a cucumber, green pepper and carrots for my small cup of raw vegetables. So I am planning on doing my normal day, and doing my protein shake in the evening instead of the soup. I'm real excited for Tuesday cause I get to eat some fruit! :D
My total weight loss up to today is 26lbs. I will do measurements on and photos of before and after and post them up on Tuesday, don't ask me why it's just that Tuesday became the day my husband and I did our measurement for the stretching program we are doing.
Thanks to all of your supportive comments. I hope you all know how much it meant to me and how many times I read all of the comments to keep me motivate.


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Detox Day 20 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Well today is the the 20th Day that I have been doing this detox. I definitely have short timers syndrome. I didn't want another soup tonight so I just did a green drink instead. I got up this morning and when I weighed myself I expected to see 222 to but I didn't I saw 221 instead. I was shocked, it's been a while since I lost more than one pound at a time. My family is really excited for me too being this is the last weekend I'm limited by the detox.
The colon cleanse stuff is easing up a bit, thanks for the comment on what to expect. I did some more research and showed DH so that he felt better about what has been happening. There is nothing like going outside of your comfort zone and then feeling like you might be doing something wrong.
I was really sore last night and I went to bed after blogging. I think I read that backaches can a side effect of the colon cleanse. I feel very sore up and down my whole back and shoulders, I was going to try to go for a massage today but got distracted.
I pretty active today, took my son out for a walk this morning and we ran back to the house, that felt good that I could do that with him and not die of exhaustion. I took the kids swimming this afternoon and did my walk/run this evening and then my stretches.
I will post regular before and after pictures together probably tomorrow or Monday so you can see me in my everyday clothes, not all sweaty after my work out clothes.
Onward to tomorrow.
SO... almost there! 26 pounds lighter, rash cleared up on my face, pitted edema gone from my ankles and legs, endurance and energy up, bad habits broken.... hopefully!


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Friday, July 27, 2007

Detox Day 19 of 21 pounds in 21 days

As the time to end the detox draws closer I feel more anxious for this program to be done so I can get back to my life! lol I feel like I have lived, breathed, and eaten this for the last 19 days, and well, quiet literally I have. I feel like it has completely consumed me and I am ready to get back to my life again. Hopefully a healthier life. I've two more days to go and I want to so bad be just done done done. But there is still 7 days of breaking the detox before I'm completely back to a normal diet, i.e. not having pureed soup for dinner..... and actually I think it is day 4 or 5 that I get to eat a chicken breast :D mmmmmmmmmm chicken.
I didn't loose even an ounce for today, but this evening I already weigh less then I did this morning so I've hope for tomorrow.
I have to tell you this whole oxy-powder isn't as pleasant as I expected it to be. I didn't really expect diarrhea. My poor DH didn't even want to leave the house today for fear of not have a toilet at his beck and call. I mean yeah, i expect BM's but...i thought they would be normal or maybe soft but not liquid. I wonder if we are doing something wrong. Anyway I more than made up for yesterday today. My tummy is still gurgling.
Not much more to report on the detox. I guess i"m feeling a little impatient and grumpy this evening, but that could be other things going on as well... DD has had quiet a nasty attitude the last two days and got a major AA (attitude adjustment) set upon her for today and tomorrow. And DS bit someone at Daycare today...so .... everyone in my house is a bit grumpy tonight!
Well, tomorrow will be a better day! Hope you all have a great weekend. Sunday is my final day and Monday starts Day 1 of Breaking the Detox.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Detox Day 18 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Wow...another day over. Day 18! Can you believe it?! Well, this morning I woke up and ran to the scale and yup! I lost another pound so I am at 223 AND AND AND the big news!! I squeezed into my Size 18 jeans this morning. I wore them to work and for my daughters sports practice tonight and I was fine. They weren't cutting off the circulation....I could sit comfortably. So that is 3 sizes! *Dancing in circles*
Well, DH and I took those oxy-powder pills last night and the directions say to take 4 pills in the evening and if you don't achieve 3-5 bm's the next day to increase your dose by 2. This is a seven day program. Is it 7 days of having 3-5 bm's or just taking the pills I don't know but I will assume of having the bm's. Now...here is the thing.... DH had 6 bm's today.... does that mean he should decrease his dose by 2? lol Well and I had NONE! I can believe it....I didn't even pass gas! SO... I increase mine by 2 tonight.

Oh someone asked me if I had any favorites in the soups and I really only have been rotating between 3, the Curried Veggies, the Creamy Broccoli and the Italian green beans. I tried to put a new one in the mix but see "Detox Day 17 of 21 pounds in 21 days" for the details on that disaster!

I also have a lot of comments from people saying that they are thinking about doing this detox program as well and I would like to invite all thinking about it or doing it to join the google group that I started for the support!

Well, I can not think of anything else. SO.... DAY 18 DONE! 3 MORE TO GO!
(Man I remember when that was day 3 done, 18 to go!)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Detox Day 17 of 21 pounds in 21 days

HELLO! Today is day 17! I just marvel that the time is going by so quickly. Everyday seems so busy and I have the energy to get through. I'm not falling asleep at 4pm anymore. I am starting to really feel good about myself knowing that I am totally going to do this and that I am totally going to make my goal of 130!
I forgot to tell you two very important things yesterday. One... The rash on the side of my face and neck are almost gone. My forehead has completely cleared up. YEAH!
The second thing is a little more mushy.... I haven't been able to wear my original wedding ring since December 2005. Not because of the weight, but because of a change in my system cause the ring to cause such sever ring rash, I actually have a scare. I couldn't even wear it for a few hours because it would immediately start to blister my skin. SO, I took it off and for Christmas last year my DH bought me a new sterling sliver ring to replace the one I couldn't wear. Well, 3 days ago, I put my original ring back on. I thought, hey..I'm detoxing, maybe whatever was in my system causing me not to be able to wear my ring has been detoxed out of my system. I have not had a single sign of a blister or a red mark at all. And honest to GOD, I had to flash my hand in front of my husband like 12 times before I said, hey, do you notice anything...and when he realized I had my original ring on I swear I saw a tear in his eye. It was awesome!

So I know everyone is probably wondering about my weight. Well, today I don't have a lot to report cause I only lost .2 of a pound (my scale weighs in .2 increments) I usually only count the pounds, but I have to acknowledge progress even if it was .2 of a pound.

I tried today to make the spicy bean soup. NO LUCK. I felt so stupid. I don't know if I cooked the beans long enough but I couldn't get them to blend and had to call the DH in for assistance and I was in the throws of having a 4 year old tantrum....no really, I felt like I was having a tantrum LIKE a four year old. So DH comes to the rescue only he end up burning out the motor on our bullet mixer.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not the bullet I cried. I love that thing. SO tomorrow DH will be heading off to BB&B to acquire a new bullet.

DH and I are starting the Intestinal clean together using a highly recommend OXY-POWDER. I purchased a bottle because I didn't feel like the inner cleanse was working and I was have a BM like once a week outside of the Friday night enemas (doesn't that sound so exciting.... Date night watch out!) So we are suppose to have 3-5 BMs the next day so, I will let you know. I think I would be happy with one and call it successful.

Wow, and I didn't think I had anything really to blog about tonight. :D

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Detox Day 16 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Hello! It's Picture day, I'll post them on the bottom!
I've lost 23 pounds, down from 247 to 224. Yeah!!
Here are my new measurements today:
I'm 5'3" (that part still hasn't change....lol)
weight: 224 from 247: -23lbs
Waist: 43 1/2" from 44": -1/2"
Hips: 49 3/4" from 53 1/2" : -3 3/4"
Thigh: 25" from 27 1/2": -2 1/2"
Upper arm: 15 1/4" from 17 1/2": -2 1/4"
Size 20 from a 24: -2 sizes

And I would just like to note that I did measure my waist and not that roll above my waist which has shrunk big time! Not bad: a total of 9 inches and 23 pounds. That is great! I'm totally pleased.
Today went well. We bought new running shoes and we really ran a lot tonight. I was real proud of hubby and me, and Brittney too but she is a young skinny thing...she should be able to run. I started developing a headache before we ran but after we got home I noticed it is more of a sinus thing. If I tip my head down it feels like I have water up my nose. My nasal passages are completely clear but my head it throbbing. Do you think it could be a detox symptom or did I pick up a bug? I hope not cause I don't want to take any medicines... I took a super hot shower to try to clear it but it didn't work. Hopefully it is just a weather system moving in...it is monsoon season here... you never can tell. So I will have to keep my eye on this now. Weird, I really didn't expect to get sick at all during this program, but then again I didn't expect to have major dental work done either.

Today I have also noticed my smell is getting so strong. They ordered pizza and had it delivered at work and all I could do was cover my nose and mouth with my sweater. Luckily it didn't have any toppings on it I would have liked! LOL

I think I am going to try the spicy bean soup tomorrow. It's black beans, I originally thought it would have been green beans. I think it will be a nice change from these 3 soups that I have that I like.
OK here are the pictures....oh and before I forget.... DAY 16 DONE! 5 MORE TO GO!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Detox Day 15 of 21 pounds in 21 days

The Doritos Incident....The man that sits next to me at work is really very nice, and good intentioned, it just that he has a couple of really bad habits that I, for the most part can ignore but one...Namely, he chews with his mouth open and eat at his desk. So, I can smell his food and see his food and almost taste his food. It's kinda gross. Well today, something happened at work and...it was lunch time and my boss and my neighbor had to have me test a file out on my computer because it wouldn't work on my neighbors. So my boss is standing over one shoulder and my neighbor slides up right next to me, leaning in front of me, like between me and my computer and still has a mouth full of Doritos he was munching on. (now mind you up to this point I had my headphones in both ears trying to block out every ones lunch activities) SO... I just lost it. I managed to be polite but every fiber in my body was shaking. All I could manage was to say, "You need to step back, I'm sorry but the smell of the food you are still chewing is killing me" He was a bit embarrassed I think and quickly departed from my side of the cube. Later I talked to him again and apologized if he thought my comments were rude and explained how Doritos are my weakness and hard to be around, let alone have them in my face like that. whew....... He understood... Maybe I'll get the balls up one day to ask him to chew with his mouth close?? Probably not...LOL
ANYWAY today was a good day in that I lost yet another pound, so I'm down 22, to 225. I'm finding it hard to eat my soups, and I am finding myself feeling more hungry lately. I don't know if it is another stage, but I'm hanging tight. I've got just 6 more days, and I'm going to make it!
I have been thinking a lot lately about eating. I've had a few group discussions about our relationship to food. The emotional connection. It's amazing how just thoughts of food can change our moods from bad to good, or homesick, or even from good to bad (for me that would be thinking about liver...YUK still bad childhood memories)
What are your comfort foods, and WHY??
My ultimate would probably be popcorn...and that is because the best times I can remember with my dad was he taught me to make popcorn and that was my job. I made the popcorn on Saturday nights, when we would all sit down and watch the new movie that came out on HBO.

Well, have a great day everyone! I'll see you tomorrow!

Day 15 DONE! 6 MORE TO GO!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Detox Day 14 of 21 pounds in 21 days

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Guess WHAT! That's right baby! 21 pounds *WOOT* (dancing around all day) But, that doesn't mean I'm stopping.... I have 1 week left to go. 1 week can you believe it?! It seems like this has been a long journey that is suddenly coming to an end. Momma bird pushing me out of the nest. LOL
Truthfully, I'm a little scare and excited. Scared because, I know how EASY it will be to stray down the wrong path and get sucked back into the carb and sugar hell roller coaster. It's like the devil, you know you shouldn't, and it will hurt you, but it is sooooo good.
I'm excited because I am actually looking forward to the challenge of maintaining a health diet in my ever so busy and big household. Did I mention it's "eight is enough" around here, only my house isn't quiet at big as theirs was. lol
My triplet nieces, that live with me, say they can tell I've lost weight, they can see it in that first roll under my boobs...it's not as big as it was and my face looks a little slimmer. It's working, it's working! Yeah!
I know I feel skinnier around the waist, and my pants are starting to get a little baggy.
I expect to hit another plateau here in the next few days, but until then...fully steam ahead. I actually think that adding the spurts of running in my walk has helped with the weight loss.
See ya all tomorrow! Thanks for the great comments! They really helps so much. I love reading them all and knowing I'm not alone in this!
Day 14 DONE! 7 TO GO! (OMG 7! OMG!!!)

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Detox Day 13 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Happy Saturday! Today I have lost 20 pounds! Yup! 227. I'm doing it and I'm so excited. Almost two weeks into this and I really feel great! I'm totally energized and excited to start my life after detox. I still look at food and try to think, what would a good portion be, how could that be more healthy. During my walk today I noticed my sense of smell is really good. I could smell someone cooking a hamburger on the grill. I knew it was a hamburger and not a steak, or anything else....it's funny how I could really tell. Also, toward the end we walked by a house that I would bet they made their own french fries in oil. I could smell the oil and the potatoes. Wild!
Good night friends, I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Day 13 DONE! 8 MORE TO GO!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Detox Day 12 of 21 pounds in 21 days

228 is what I weighed today! yeah! 19 pounds, that is awesome!

Today I had another dentist appointment at 10, so I went to work early to try to get ahead and left for the DDS at 9:30. I did my 10:30 drink then cause I didn't know if I would be able to make it the estimated 2.5 hr appointment without anything. I got to the dentist and took my Valium. I had to I had so much anxiety about this appointment and after talking to my DDS he recommend that I take 30 mg so I did. He got to work and I was back in my car at 1:30, so it was 3.5 hours. The Valium really helped and I am glad I did it in the long run. I had to have a build up from a root canal done plus the DDS had to break off on of my crowns and fix the tooth underneath. Too much for me to handle. All my teeth are so sensitive to air and cold that while he works on one, that whole side of my mouth hurts, those teeth that aren't number ache and hurt. It's horrible. So, I made it through and I'm done with him until the first week of August. I came home and slept off the rest of the Valium. (another 3 hours). In the meantime I didn't eat anything since 9:30 so when I got up at 4, I did a supplement drink and then carried out the rest of the schedule. I wasn't overly hungry, probably from the medication.
After the kids went to bed Hubby and I did our walk/run for a 1.2 miles. We timed it, we did it in 22 minutes. We thought it would be good to time it and see how we improve.
So I was reading through my Google group and remembered there are lots of good things I have not shared with you about. I always tell you about how my weight is but I didn't tell you that the edema in my ankles is GONE! I had pitted edema that my cousin who is training to be a nurse would also be so concern about...well K...don't worry anymore :D. Also, my back hasn't been hurting as bad, the sciatic nerve pain I had is gone. The rash on my forehead is GONE! And the one on the side of my face and neck has really cleared up. The callouses on my heals are clearing up big time. Not to mention my personal attitude and self image are improving.
Life on Detox day 12 is awesome.
I had been feeling a little run down since Tuesday, I had told you all how tired I was and starting yesterday I was feeling a little constipated so I did another enema this evening. It went much better then last week. I didn't faint and I do feel much better. It's amazing how much comes out when you haven't been eating a whole lot! LOL. SO the pipes are cleaned for another few days.
I can't believe that there is only 9 days left! This week has seemed like it flew by.

Day 12 DONE! 9 MORE TO GO!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Detox Day 11 of 21 pounds in 21 days

229! I have not been less then 230 in about 9 months. It felt really good today to get up and see that I broke through the 230 mark. I felt a little better this afternoon then yesterday. I didn't have the muscle soreness as before. I did however wake up late this morning. I had been waking up before the alarm and so this morning when I didn't wake up until 7 I thought it was Saturday but my hubby said nope, it's Thursday. I was out of bed in a shot and off to get the kiddo up and out the door to work. Had another wonderful day, came home and had a soup that we did just using the last of the broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, just everything to finish up the veggies in the fridge. It was OK, My niece helped make it and I don't think that she put any spices in it so it was a little blah. It also wasn't blended enough so it was a little chunky and now this evening I have a bad tummy ache. I've taken my enzyme tablets twice. Hopefully it will feel better after my walk. So tonight was left over night for the family and my daughter had cheer class so I didn't have to sit and watch everyone eat all those yummy left overs. I told hubby I'm making a list in my head of the food I want to eat after the detox and ramp up.
The 30th is the last day of the detox and the 6th is the last day of ramping up so, on the 7th, I want some BBQ chicken. That is not really bad for you. Cooked chicken on the grill with some bbq sauce. :D
So for day 11, the half way mark, I have nothing special to report about any detox symptoms other then an upset tummy from my soup. All is well in the world of Janice's Detox. Hope all is well with you!
Day 11 DOWN! 10 MORE TO GO!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Detox Day 10 of 21 pounds in 21 days

230! I broke through! Yeah!!!! That brings my total to 17 pounds in 10 days. Not too shabby eh?! I have to admit today was harder, I don't know why, why does it seem that my family is eating yummier food now that I can have any? Anyway, I didn't feel bad really, just a little tired and muscle soreness in my neck and upper arms. I must have pushed it a little last night during my stretches. But I was tired today, I even started falling asleep at work as I was finishing my requirements documentation. I also felt much more hungry today then before, I'm still hungry. I'm trying to drink more water and I think I might need to go make some tea if it doesn't settle down. I even took my Aloe Vera juice early, that usually kills any hunger sensations I have in the evenings. I also have a blister on my middle toe on the bottom from running... Yeah... sweat and blisters is a beautiful thing. I declared tonight that I shall need new sneakers though, mine are about 2 years old...if we are doing to run, I think its time then.
I'm going to shop on Friday for the kidney cleanse on Saturday.
Have to do more veggie shopping tomorrow.
OH Also today I have several mood swings. Dr. Roni does mention it in the book for this period of time on the detox. My husband is like...great, PMS AND Detox mood swings...what's next LOL! Seriously, I totally recognized them and was able to reason with myself why I was feeling so grumpy so I didn't take any ones head off...lucky for them, being all smug, eating their BBQ chicken in front of me... ;)
I am half way through this Journey. It has gone quickly.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Detox Day 9 of 21 pounds in 21 days

OK, still at 232, but still feeling great about myself. We ran again tonight while we walked. I had the carrot ginger soup tonight. I think that it is my favorite. I definitely feel that I have the routine down well. I feel so energized, I hardly even sit and play my game anymore. I'm up doing things, being more active. I've managed to swim every night after dinner with my kids, I love to do that, and do the walking and the stretches. I FEEL like I want to do more exercises. I guess I will try not to be too preoccupied with the weight right now. I know it will come. Now I'm focusing on learning about what is a HEALTHY meal. I think, what would I eat for breakfast, and look to see what others are eating. I know what I would LIKE to eat, but what will be healthy. Will be an interesting new life I start after this program.
OK, well, Because I don't have much to report tonight, I will simply get to it. Here are the pictures. I really don't see much of a differences. Kinda like taking a cup of water out of a pool... no one would know really. lol

SO Day 9 DOWN! 12 MORE TO GO! (omg!)

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Detox Day 8 of 21 pounds in 21 days

232 Again. Well, I am definitely at a plateau. I'm OK with that though. I am willing to stick it out. I increased my activity today in hope that I will break through tomorrow. During our Mile walk, We did quick sprints of running. We all felt good afterwards. I say that because my hubby and one of the triplets have been walking with me.
The Dentist appointment today was horrible. I had to go and get a cleaning and a cavity filled. During the cleaning my gums were bleeding terribly. They had to keep stopping and having me rinse. I wondered if it has anything to do with the diet cause I've never had that problem that bad before. Anyway, one of my crowns fell off during the cleaning and it is a live tooth. What that means is that it is a crown on a tooth that has not had a root canal. It was painful, but more so it causes me so much anxiety to have the dentist have to muck with my mouth especially when it is a painful thing. BUT I made it through, I had the crown reseated and the filling done and I managed to do it without the Valium and I kept myself calm enough that the Novocaine didn't rush through my system in 15 minutes. (usually he is having to re numb me every 15 to 20 mins cause my bp is up so much) I survived, another appointment. BUT he wants me to come back on Friday. I've not made up my mind on that yet.
So to make it through the appointment this morning I had my 10:30 supplement at 9:30, and got back to the office at 12:30 so I wasn't so far off track. I am feeling pretty hungry today though and I don't know if it is because I messed up my schedule.

Speaking of messing up schedules, I forgot to do the kidney cleansing on Saturday!?! I don't know how I did that but, I will do it this Saturday. It is described as a drink, but I don't know if I will feel anything?

SO I'm doing this thing pretty well I think. I've gotten through day 8 with good spirits and energy again. I do not see any other detox symptoms really. Crabbiness, soreness, tiredness, headache... all have gone. I feel like I am just living my life. Actually considering how crappy my teeth are, this drinking thing ain't half bad ;)

Day 8 DOWN, 13 TO GO!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Detox Day 7 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Today, I have not lost any weight. :( Actually, technically I put a pound back on (233). I assume I have plateaued, and maybe even retaining a little water? It's OK. I know that everything is a process and I should see a change tomorrow or the next day.
Today was another day of Hi Energy where I made breakfast for everyone, ran errands to THE Superstore, made my dinner, plus helped my dinner for the rest of the family, did my walk and stretches. Wha La... Day 7, one whole week, done! I'm so excited. I feel great, but I'm starting to get that scared feel of dread. When is the next crisis going to hit? What is it going to affect? I have a little gassy tummy tonight, I hope it passes.
Tomorrow I'm going to make a mistake. I have a dentist appointment scheduled that I must have done. I think of all that medicine he is going to put in my system and wonder how it will impact my diet. I'm a bit of a wus when it comes to the dentist and usually have to take Valium. I'm going to skip the Valium, I really don't want to put more in my system then I have to. Kinda scary, but, I'll just take it one moment at a time, I might just bring it with me, just in case.

OK SO: One week down, 2 more to go... I just am so excited that I'm doing this and that I feel this good, and that I'm making it. Once again, I feel that my success has been because of my family and my support group and all your wonderful encouragement. Thank you!

Day 7 DOWN, 14 MORE TO GO!

Anyone want me to post a picture? I don't really SEE a difference as much as I feel it.

I'm still waiting for the rash on the right side of my face to clear up. I had it before starting the detox.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Detox Day 6 of 21 pounds in 21 days

15 POUNDS! This morning I weight 232! Woot! I can't believe it. That is amazing!

Today was a very good day. I have had hi energy levels, great attitude, and will power! I throw in the will power because this is the first day home all day while doing this program. This morning I cut up apples and grapes for my kids to snack on until breakfast. When hubby got up I cooked sausage and eggs to show him my appreciation for all that he has helped me out with this week. I helped my daughter bake banana bread muffins. Made my kids tuna for lunch. Watched them eat Doritos later on as a snack (my absolute favorite). Then this evening my husband, who used to be a pizza chef, made homemade pizza for the family. WHEW.... that was a lot of food exposure, more than I am use to. But... I was OK with most of it. The Doritos were hard...but, I told myself of the agony that I would be in if I even though about putting one of them in my mouth.
Also today I did not drink any tea. I really did poorly on my water intake too. I need to be more careful at home. It is easier to get off track here.

Today my husband made me distilled ice cubes :D So cool! I didn't even think about it.

I did two walks today plus my stretches. I'm feeling good. I guess I recovered from the enema incident of last night. I don't know, can you hurt yourself doing an enema? Why would I be passing what looks like bloody mucus? I thought maybe it was just the veggie splash passing... I don't know, I hope it is normal. I don't really have a whole lot of knowledge in that area. I'll keep my eye on it. I don't hurt or anything.

A lot of people are talking about doing colonics and body wraps and sauna appointments to go along with this program and I have to tell you. I just cant afford it. I've try to fit it in our budget but my hubby and I have had many talks about it and have had to come back and say, no. Unless I get to a point of such a bad crisis that I need assistance other then rest, flushing with water and maybe an enema it really just isn't do-able. This diet, even thought I eat much less is still pretty expensive. $120 for the initial kit, another $79 at the Hi Health for Aloe Vera, enzymes, Mangosteen, $35 for the juicer, which I haven't used, and about $30 in total up today in veggies, $6 in distilled water (through today), $8.95 for headache cure. These are all do-able expenses, you start throwing in $235, plus tip I'm sure, for 3 colonics, $125, plus tip, for a body wrap and it gets out of range for me. I will keep you posted if there is any changes there. NOW don't get me wrong, if you can afford them, DO THEM! I would love to get a body wrap just for me... :D

So day 6 has brought good energy, good attitude, not much in the way of muscle aches, more weight loss, a good test of will power, which I passed, and the strength to go on to day 7, ONE WEEK!


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Detox Day 5 of 21 pounds in 21 days

Day 5 of the 21 pounds in 21 days Martha Vineyard Detox diet was a good day! I felt pretty great! I wasn't hardly hungry, I had more energy then the day before, I had lost another two pounds bringing my total to 13! WOO HOO! I did my walk and my stretches, everything went great. So why did I not post last night? Because I rushed myself to bed at 10 after spending 45 minutes in the bathroom. I bucked up and tried to do a 6 cup enema. I did take most of it, but only managed 8 minutes (4 minutes more than last time) but while trying to evacuate it, I fainted, not once, but 3 times I found myself on the bathroom floor sweating and hovering on the edge of unconsciousness(with hubby standing over me looking conserned, fanning me). WHY? I have no idea. I was hot? I was having major cramps? Cause I laid on the floor with bottom up and head down for a long time (between prep and loading probably 20 minutes) with a quick jolt to get upright when the time came? Anyway, it was all I could do to clean myself up and get showered and put myself to bed.
OH and a special note... don't open a fish oil pill for an enema, it smells awful, however I don't smell my butt so it is OK. :D
I had heard to put a vitamin E pill in the water for lubrication and I had fish oil with vitamin so I thought....why not... and now, I know.

SO Day 5 brought: good feeling of well being, hardly any headache at all, muscle soreness completely gone, weakness almost gone, more energy, no emotional side effects, and another enema experience. Really overall not a bad day.


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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Detox Day 4 of 21 Pounds in 21 Days

11 pounds! This morning when I got up I weighted myself and I've lost 11 pounds! I'm excited. OOOOO my head still hurts though.
Sleeping last night proved to be a challenge. I was about about 6 times and I don't know if it was the headache, or just that I had to pee, or did I have to pee cause I was woke up by the headache? Anyway getting up this morning was difficult. I felt sore and stiff and still had the headache. But when I weighted myself I forgot about all that for a few minutes. Then I had the random thought of oh no, am I loosing too much weight? Am I doing something wrong? Yeah i know, silly, but hubby and I talked about it and decided that because I have so much weight to loose that I'm probably just fine.
The day at work was actually a little better, I had a few periods of good concentration and my headache went away for about 45 minutes. Came back after my 10:30 supplement and has hung on pretty much for the rest of the day. My work lost power today so I got sent home at 2pm so I did get to rest from 2-4:30. My daughter had cheer leading tonight so I had to do my dinner early and take her to cheer, I stopped at Hi Health on the way home and checked in with them. Asked if they had anything to help the headache. She gave me an herbal migraine blocker to try. So far...no much help. Getting ready to go for my walk. I don't expect anything else too exciting to happen tonight. So today over all, a good day, better then yesterday! Onward to day 5!

OH... no BMs today just a lot of gas, and a slight emotional outburst but I was able to contain myself. There was an accident in front of my son's daycare and it was one of the other daycare moms, thank god her children were not in the car, They were taking her away in an ambulance. I don't know her but I was filled with great sadness for her and her family, I hope she is well and safe at home with her family tonight, shedding tears now just thinking about it.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement, once again it really helped me stay motivated! Thank you for sharing my journey.

So Day 4 brought: continued weakness, a little relief to the upper arm muscle aches, continued headache with a brief break (yeah), a better sense of well being, increase in motivation, no BM's, and a total of 11 pounds of weight lost.


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Detox Day 3

I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE is what I cried at dinner tonight. My first emotional outbreak of detox process. I still have a nasty headache and my spirit is down a bit. My husband is being a rock! The day really went very much like yesterday only I didn't sleep well, I made it through work, although probably not one of my more productive days, I sat there until it was time to go. My head is just aching aching aching, almost nothing relieves it. I had a few bouts of chills and lots of hunger pains. Why am I doing this to myself?! Cause I am tired of being fat and unhealthy that's why. I still can see the weight loss through the pain, I'm down 9 pounds today (238) which is still grossly overweight. And I intend to get rid of more!
So after work I came home, made my soup and tried to sit with my family and eat, and just had such and over whelming feeling of the woes me. I hated it but I couldn't help myself. I feel so miserably, weak and tired and the evening didn't get any better. I did my walk and got a huge leg cramp taking off my sneaker. After my walk I did have a BM. It was normal, no pressure, no big deal but today is the day you are suppose to do the enema, so, I did. Not a coffee enema but I did just two little fleets cause I have never really done this before. I barely made five minutes. I was going to do it a second time but decided my body had had enough. It is all I can do to sit here and blog. I wish there was something I could do to take this headache away. I so just want to grab a Tylenol but I know it wouldn't do any good.

So to recap: day three has brought, headache, upper arm muscle ache, restless leg feeling, muscle cramps, hard time sleeping, feeling of weakness, emotional outburst and a first experience with an enema. I'm about ready to call it a day if only I could lay down and get some sleep.

day 3 down 18 to go.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Detox Day 2

I got up this morning with a nasty headache. I felt so sure this was just caffeine withdrawal. I got up and weighted myself. 242.6 WOO HOO that is like 5 pounds. I'm psyched and no matter what happens. I can make it another day. I got all my powders together and got my son up and headed out to start my day. I have been pre-measuring out the powder drinks in a baggy and bringing them with me to work. I have a gallon of distilled water at work in the refridge there and split up my teas between home and work. I finally found a use for those left over breast milk bags! I measure out the Mangosteen (High Density antioxidant berry drink only need 1 oz) into them and bring it to work. Prefect for transporting liquids! :D
Oh and also another side note. The kit comes with a veggie splash and an essential greens. I got the veggie splash in a tomato flavor and the greens in a berry flavor. I mention this because the schedule had me very confused for day one, and even though I read and thought I prepared I couldn't figure out why I had to go buy an antioxidant berry drink when I had the berry flavored green drink...and then the schedule never mentioned the veggie splash. I think I was just being to simple. The veggie splash and the essential greens are both considered the "green drink" and you could also use it as the antioxidant berry drink. see, that is why I was confused so I just decided this is how I am going to do it:
Wake up and have water on the way to work and tea if need
8:30 mangosteen , at least 8 oz of water, herbal cleansing formula, and sip the tea until gone.
10:30 8oz of water with the essential greens (very berry, smells like bubble gum and tastes sweet...not bad), then sip on hot tea and water
12:30 8oz of water with the veggie splash, herbal cleansing formula, water and tea
2:30 8oz of water with the essential greens (very berry), water and tea
4:30 another shot of the mangosteen and a 8 oz glass of water
6:00 DINNER!
I have been making the soups from the recipe in the book. Today I made ginger carrot. It was good although I think they have too much spice in them. I did cut back on the recommended cloves and nutmeg and ginger, but the liquid was still too spice for me to drink. I did down a few gulps.
So, soup, broth, I picked the papaya enzyme tablets so a couple of those and night time herbal cleansing.
7:30 I'm usually tea'd out so i just do a bunch more water
Bedtime: chug a 4oz cup of the Aloe Vera juice chasing it with water.

So back to the day...my headache grew and grew all morning long. Did a couple postings on the google group and started to think...I really haven't had a BM since Monday AM....and i thought I would be having a lot more, one of the comments suggested that maybe it's because I hadn't had a BM and i should do an enema. I'm not completely against them, but...I'm trying to hold off until I feel like I need it. I don't really know how I feel about them except, they will be uncomfortable. So then after reading these comments I start to panic a little, is it because I didn't have a BM? Is it my blood pressure? Is it just the diet? Am I going to die? Pass out? .....Needless to say I ended up leaving work because the headache was so bad. I kept telling myself, drink water and rest, drink water and rest... I got home and laid down and the headache got worse. So I found if I stayed standing up and swaying a little it didn't hurt as bad, but then I felt like a big nerd having a fit or something lol. I did end up being able to sit on my reclining couch, reclined and fell asleep then, I remember having the chills and a couple of hot flashing and I took comfort in that knowing it was the diet getting my system going. I did get to rest for about 2 hours and it did help, but then it was time to pick up the kiddos and get dinner going. Sometimes I find that if you move around when you have a headache it does seem to help and that helps me keep moving when the kids around.

I did end up have a BM after dinner which also made me feel better....emotionally more so than physically, never been so glad to see poop from me!

About an hour after dinner I felt better and with the kids safely tucked in bed hubby and I went for our 1.3 mile walk. I really feel better this evening. I still have an essence of the headache, but it is much better and I feel good about making it through another day and still doing my walk and stretches. So..... DAY TWO DOWN and 19 TO GO!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Detox Day One

Wow, today was hard, rewarding but hard. I wasn't expecting to feel hungry as much as I did today. I had to remind myself about how our bodies are persistent and will make you think your hungry when it's really not just because it's craving something it is addicted to. I remember that from doing the Atkins and trying to get through the first two weeks, breaking the carb addiction.
I started off this morning excited and confident. I got to work and made it until 8:30 before stating the prescribed schedule. That is when I realized that I forgot my herbal tea and home...and my wallet. Thank goodness I live about 2 miles from work so I ran home and got my wallet, and since I really only had 2 tea bags left I decided to stop and pick up new teas. I got herbal Truely Blueberry and Honey, Vanilla, chamomile, and a peach green tea. Well I started with the blueberry which was just awful, but I wasn't using stevia or lemon. Later in the afternoon when I tried the chamomile one, i decided that the blueberry wasn't so bad LOL! I am so used to putting all that sugar in there to make it taste better. I also picked up a Green Tea which I figured I didn't want to use too much but for those caffeine headaches it would come in handy. So I had that at 2:30 and it helped out and by now I was getting used to drinking (rather chugging) these non-sugared teas.
The Green Drink....WOW, I am impressed, it tastes very good. It smells like bubble gum and has a sweet taste to it as well. I even had my boss smell it to make sure I wasn't loosing it. Two thumbs up MVD! I didn't do the veggie splash, kinds lost as to where in the program that is suppose to fit in. I sent an email to Dr. Roni's website to ask, also to point out the error on the times in the schedule (two 2:30's and no 4:30 slot)
I got Mangosteen from Hi Health as the High Density Antioxidant berry drink. You use 1oz two times a day. I found out something very important today, do not dilute this stuff...it doesn't taste very good diluted, just do it as a shot, trust me, unless you have a set of triplets the help cheer you on with a chug chug chug chant. (thank you girls!) I also found out that distilled water doesn't have a great flavor either. :P

OK well so I did pretty good, I learned a lot and survived ... OH wait DINNER:
I made one of the soups. I made the Curried Vegetables. It turned out well! I was again, surprised. It tasted like a fluffy orange squash, only it was pea green. I was relived to finally have something that I felt would give me a full feeling, and it did. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't know what mixed greens where to which my hubby informed me was collard green and I didn't think that I could...I have had them before and I did not like them at all so I substituted fresh spinach. Tomorrow I am planning on making Ginger Carrots. I'm excited, I think that will taste real yummy!

So, this evening I am feeling a bit worn out. I was a good detoxer and took my mile walk and even did a few extra stretches. Mentally I was feeling a little down cause I am feeling so tired, but then I saw all your wonderful comments on my blog and it really cheered me up! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am so grateful to have company, plus, have I mentioned yet how wonderfully supportive my husband has been? He did my soup shopping for me this afternoon and he went for my walk with me...actually, he helped motivate me to go on the walk. Thank you hunny!

Uh....... SO far, normal bm's and no cramping. I was feeling a little nauseous as I sat down to blog, but that seems to have passed, and I do have a slight headache, started after my walk....maybe just need more water.


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Detox Eve

Well, I had a pretty good day. My husband I took the kids and went to a lake nearby for the day. I got a little sun burned but not too bad. We just relaxed, and enjoyed. It was kind of an unspoken break, and prep for the 3 weeks to come. I've set my counters up and hubby is going to get me fresh veggies tomorrow to make a soup for dinner. I've got my distilled water chilling and the magic bullet (uh, the blender) and juicer set up on the counter aching to be used. My biggest concern right now is how am i going to make it to 8:30 before I start. I'm up at 5:45, drop my son and daycare by 6:45 and I'm at work by 7, usually breakfast in hand. I suppose I will try to hold on on water first, but if not, I will start with the juices. Every two hours is what I think the important part is. I can't imagine that it would be bad to move things up an hour and a half?
OK Well, I've had a few request to post pictures and starting stats....it's ugly but here it goes:
I'm 5'3" (that part I don't expect to change....lol)
weight: 247
BMI: 63
Bust: 49 1/2"
Waist: 44"
Hips: 53 1/2"
Thigh: 27 1/2"
Upper arm: 17 1/2"
Size 24 or 3x

Ugh...I'm utterly embarrassed, but I'm making myself post this to remind myself why I am doing this, I am also going to take a picture every night so I can see the changes. I don't know if I will post every single one.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Getting Ready

Wow! I'm super excited! Thanks for all the encouragement and comments! I am getting a lot of activity on my Google group too!
I have been having a hard time getting through the book mostly due to my own time constraints but...i flipped forward a bit to chapter 7, page 154 setting up for success.
Setting my goals:
I am completely going to use this detox to reset my eat habits. I'm trying to erase 35 years of bad eating habits! I'm amazed I can do that in only 21 days. I have 100 pounds that I would like to loose by 07/01/2008! So, I would like to jump start a healthier lifestyle with this diet. I would like to loose 21 pounds by 07/30/2007.
Picking a program:
The program that I am going to use is the 21 day program. I am fully committed to it.
Talk to your Doctor:
I am skipping the talking to my doctor about it because he has pretty much told me that I need to loose weight and that will resolve a lot of my health issues, i.e. border line high blood pressure, creeping blood sugars and cholesterol.
Well, I guess I should rephrase that, I have spoken with my doctor about dieting. He supported me through 8 months of Atkins. He supports 50 carbs a day. He feels that diets are psychological and you need to find what works for you, and he wants me in to check progress every month or so. I haven't gone in a few months because I have not been able to get on a program and stick with it. I will see him in August to have my blood work done again.
Put Your Support System in Place:
Well, I feel I have done this step in a big way! I have all of you, plus the Google group. Also, I have 8 people that live in my home. My husband and our two kids and my brother in law and his 16 year old triplet daughters...yeah I know, but it works. ANYWAY, I don't know how much more support I can expect :D they are wonderful. My husband went and bought me a juicer yesterday, my brother in law is offering to go to the farmers market and pick up my start up fruits and veggies on Saturday, the Girls offered to help feed my kids at dinner, so if it is too hard for me to sit at the table, they are there *Tears*... my family is wonderful, I'm grateful for how supportive they are. I feel like I have also created accountability with the Google group and blog since I have committed to documenting the process and supporting others as well as drawing on your support...Thank you all for your part!
Also Work, don't forget work support please. (I always had more temptations at work then at home.) I work with a small group of people and I have been reading my book and talking with them about it and told them my start date, so they are all excited for me, and happy to see me taking steps to making a healthier me. Way cool!
Clean your Kitchen:
Well, the best I can do is claim a counter and a shelf in the refrigerator. I'm OK with that.
making copies today of the diet to hang up on the fridge and various places around the house.

Whew...got through that...not too bad: lets see the book has some other preparatory suggestions:
T Minus 2 weeks:
Order or shop for supplies... Check!
I have the kit and book, starting to stock up on the distilled water.

Shop for a juicer ... Check!

Make appointments for colonic, massages, and other treatments. .... um..no check,

Colonic....I have to look into that... not comfortable with it...

Massages, we have a school near us that has an open hours Saturday and Sunday from 8-5. I'll squeeze one in then.

Other treatments?? Will require more reading to find out what that means.

T Minus 1 week:
Shop for crock-pot, Tupperware, thermos, water bottle and like... check check check check and check :D wow, that was easy.
Set up your kitchen for success. Will do tonight, but I've picked a counter and an shelf of which I will claim as my very own :D

In addition, since my house has so many people in it we have a shopping day, Thursdays, which is my husband and his brothers responsibility, so I informed them that I would shop for myself and that would consist of me going every other day to get veggies and fruit. Which brought up the Organic vs Non-Organic topic.

This is a hot topic in my house. My husband feels that Organic is not truly Organic and most Organic fruits and veggies are grown in soils that were contaminated at one point in time, therefore always contaminated. What do you think? Anyway due to the costs and the controversy, I will not be using Organic vegetables and fruit.

OK so I am at T Minus 3 days. I'm feeling excited, a little nervous, but confident!
Thank you everyone!

Helpful links:
Transcripts of Robin and Roni on Larry King: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0707/03/lkl.01.html
And the YouTube link part 1 with Robin Quivers, intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1XtWyOXsIc
Part 2 with Robin Quivers, her experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo5QfCcZVGg
Part 3 actually with Roni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU1-AOXMKMg

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