Monday, July 23, 2007

Detox Day 15 of 21 pounds in 21 days

The Doritos Incident....The man that sits next to me at work is really very nice, and good intentioned, it just that he has a couple of really bad habits that I, for the most part can ignore but one...Namely, he chews with his mouth open and eat at his desk. So, I can smell his food and see his food and almost taste his food. It's kinda gross. Well today, something happened at work was lunch time and my boss and my neighbor had to have me test a file out on my computer because it wouldn't work on my neighbors. So my boss is standing over one shoulder and my neighbor slides up right next to me, leaning in front of me, like between me and my computer and still has a mouth full of Doritos he was munching on. (now mind you up to this point I had my headphones in both ears trying to block out every ones lunch activities) SO... I just lost it. I managed to be polite but every fiber in my body was shaking. All I could manage was to say, "You need to step back, I'm sorry but the smell of the food you are still chewing is killing me" He was a bit embarrassed I think and quickly departed from my side of the cube. Later I talked to him again and apologized if he thought my comments were rude and explained how Doritos are my weakness and hard to be around, let alone have them in my face like that. whew....... He understood... Maybe I'll get the balls up one day to ask him to chew with his mouth close?? Probably not...LOL
ANYWAY today was a good day in that I lost yet another pound, so I'm down 22, to 225. I'm finding it hard to eat my soups, and I am finding myself feeling more hungry lately. I don't know if it is another stage, but I'm hanging tight. I've got just 6 more days, and I'm going to make it!
I have been thinking a lot lately about eating. I've had a few group discussions about our relationship to food. The emotional connection. It's amazing how just thoughts of food can change our moods from bad to good, or homesick, or even from good to bad (for me that would be thinking about liver...YUK still bad childhood memories)
What are your comfort foods, and WHY??
My ultimate would probably be popcorn...and that is because the best times I can remember with my dad was he taught me to make popcorn and that was my job. I made the popcorn on Saturday nights, when we would all sit down and watch the new movie that came out on HBO.

Well, have a great day everyone! I'll see you tomorrow!

Day 15 DONE! 6 MORE TO GO!

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At 11:55 AM , Blogger nicky1030 said...

Hi Chickycola
Im extremely happy for you and you are a real inspiration for me. I would really wantto start the detox next monday but i am completely lost in what i have to purchase. I already have a juicer but i knoe i need to purchase the green drink, teas berry drinks and soups. Her book is not too specific with what we need to purchase so that why im asking you because you are a complete expert.
Thank you Very Much and keep are almost done!!!!!

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