Friday, July 20, 2007

Detox Day 12 of 21 pounds in 21 days

228 is what I weighed today! yeah! 19 pounds, that is awesome!

Today I had another dentist appointment at 10, so I went to work early to try to get ahead and left for the DDS at 9:30. I did my 10:30 drink then cause I didn't know if I would be able to make it the estimated 2.5 hr appointment without anything. I got to the dentist and took my Valium. I had to I had so much anxiety about this appointment and after talking to my DDS he recommend that I take 30 mg so I did. He got to work and I was back in my car at 1:30, so it was 3.5 hours. The Valium really helped and I am glad I did it in the long run. I had to have a build up from a root canal done plus the DDS had to break off on of my crowns and fix the tooth underneath. Too much for me to handle. All my teeth are so sensitive to air and cold that while he works on one, that whole side of my mouth hurts, those teeth that aren't number ache and hurt. It's horrible. So, I made it through and I'm done with him until the first week of August. I came home and slept off the rest of the Valium. (another 3 hours). In the meantime I didn't eat anything since 9:30 so when I got up at 4, I did a supplement drink and then carried out the rest of the schedule. I wasn't overly hungry, probably from the medication.
After the kids went to bed Hubby and I did our walk/run for a 1.2 miles. We timed it, we did it in 22 minutes. We thought it would be good to time it and see how we improve.
So I was reading through my Google group and remembered there are lots of good things I have not shared with you about. I always tell you about how my weight is but I didn't tell you that the edema in my ankles is GONE! I had pitted edema that my cousin who is training to be a nurse would also be so concern about...well K...don't worry anymore :D. Also, my back hasn't been hurting as bad, the sciatic nerve pain I had is gone. The rash on my forehead is GONE! And the one on the side of my face and neck has really cleared up. The callouses on my heals are clearing up big time. Not to mention my personal attitude and self image are improving.
Life on Detox day 12 is awesome.
I had been feeling a little run down since Tuesday, I had told you all how tired I was and starting yesterday I was feeling a little constipated so I did another enema this evening. It went much better then last week. I didn't faint and I do feel much better. It's amazing how much comes out when you haven't been eating a whole lot! LOL. SO the pipes are cleaned for another few days.
I can't believe that there is only 9 days left! This week has seemed like it flew by.

Day 12 DONE! 9 MORE TO GO!

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At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HiYa Chicky~~ Good call on the enema today, especially after seeing your dentist. That should help your body out getting that stuff out of your system. I'm on Day 3 of detox and it has been a big challenge today. Maybe because it's Friday I want to eat soooooo bad LOL.. This will by my first wkend and I am determined to get through this :) You are an inspiration, thanks so much for sharing your journey. Cheri

At 8:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ur doing a really good job and thats's fantastic that all those problems that youve been having are gone. I did the seven but with all the worng things so its like I didnt do it but im gonna try again in a few weeks, I dud kose 6 pounds on the 7 day so I am happpy that you stuck with it you inspired me the whole way Thanks

At 8:40 PM , Anonymous Jen from the 21 days Google Group said...

Hi Janice, I also had pitting edema in my ankles. On the inside of each ankle it looked like a golf ball under the skin. Likewise, the tops of my feet were so puffy that I couldn;t get into my shoes. Hello, flip flops :) I have had bloodwork done 4x this year but docs cannot explain the edema and that freaked me out! An Rx duiretic that caused me to pee a lot for 4 days but then stopped working and did not solve the edema. This is why I was motivated to detox. On day 3 of my 21 day-day detox, I woke up and the edema was GONE! It was so good to see my ankles and bones in the top of my feet for the first time in literally months.

I was so happy to read that you also healed your edema!! Yay!
All good things to you-

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