Saturday, August 04, 2007

Breaking the Detox Days 4,5,and 6

Sorry for the absence. I didn't have a lot to report but...I knew I would have more to report today. Let see, Friday we were having a going away lunch for one of my co-works (yes, yes, it was Doritos man). We were going to Macayos, a wonderful Mexican restaurant. So I thought that was the day I could add chicken into diet so I was planing on it , but I miscalculated so I sped up the breaking the detox a bit. Thursday I added beans, pinto and black into my diet so that Friday I could eat out with my crew. And that went OK. We had made homemade refried beans with pinto and black beans, with little or no salt. I was OK, I ate about 1/3 cup of them, and mixed in trace amounts of burrito meat that we had made also. You know the kind you do in the crock pot so it is cooked to heck and back and is just about digested for you. Anyway, Thursday night was great, I enjoyed the food, I felt full, and I did not have any problems. Friday morning I got up and went to work totally excited about going out to eat with the crew. DH and I had discussed what was probably the best thing on the menu for me to order and I picked Chicken Fajita. So we got to the restaurant and I ordered water....and they brought out i had one...then another and another...Then I was telling myself I'll only eat 10.... but it took so long for lunch to come that and I ended up loosing track. I know I ate a lot of them though. When lunch came I was salivating! It smelled so good. I started by cutting the chicken into bite size pieces and mixed that with some of the cooked onions a little scoop of refried was delicious! But I knew I had to stop eating because it was so much food. I did not eat it all, but I definitely ate too much. By the time I got back to the office I was totally regretting it, and by the time I got home I couldn't change my clothes fast enough and get into my work out clothes and put my aerobics tape on. I just felt too full and uncomfortable and emotionally I felt bad because I failed to stop eating when I should have, and instead let the taste suck me into eating too much. I did feel better after working out, and I ended up being full for the rest of the day. I didn't eat dinner that evening , and we went for our walk. So this morning I had gained back 2 pounds. Back to 220. DH and I have been talking about what life is there after the 21 days. I have looked over and thought about following the maintenance plan outlined, however I would be doing that alone because DH HATES veggies. I get him to eat a salad now and then, but I want to do something that He and I can do together. We have decided to transition to an Atkins' like program, which I have had a lot of success with before. I kinda feel in limbo now, not sure which plan to do, but Tomorrow I am going to start gearing for the new Program. I'm totally please with my detox results and I can see doing this once a year, or even 3, 7 day programs. I really do feel that I have achieved what I started out to. I learned more about myself, I'm learning more about my relationship with food. I know that I can do it, I will loose the rest of this weight, and I will absolutely make my goal of 50 lbs by Christmas. and 100 by July 2008. I also learned to be strong I need a schedule of what I am going to eat on a daily basis. That seems to me that was why I was so good on the detox and did not cheat. I just followed the schedule, and never strayed from the schedule. Interesting huh. It was like I never got to a hungry crisis and was in the mode of ... I have to eat something, I'm hungry, I need to eat something now...anything. For the next program I am going to start, I am going to make a schedule like the one I had for the detox.
I'll probably start another blog under this user name for phase II of my weight loss journey. I definitely consider Phase I a success! Thank you to DH for his rock like support through ALL aspects of this program, and Thank you to the rest of my family for cheering me through! Thank you Dr. Roni and Jame Hester for putting out this program and for the success and encouragement your site has given me, and Thank you to everyone for their support and kind words and encouragement. I hope you know that on someday your comments are what kept me going, positive and confident that I could do this! And finally I don't think I can ever say enough nice things about all of the people in the 21 pounds in 21 days support group....everyone was always ready with nice words and helpful tips!
Breaking the Detox Done! Onward to Phase II !!! will be my new blogging spot, pop in and see me sometime!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Breaking the Detox Day 3

Today I have not lost anymore weight. Hanging steady at 219. (actually lost .4 of a pound, from .8 to .4). I had oatmeal today! It was yummy and filling! I only managed 1/2 of it and then had the other 1/2 at lunch with my veggies. I really enjoyed it. I put Cinnamon and vanilla in it. It was so nice and warm and starchy. I brought a pear for my afternoon snack. It was the juiciest pear I have ever had. It was so sweet and I enjoyed every bite. I feel like I have never really appreciated food before.
Tomorrow is uneventful. I add essential oils back in, I think that means I can start taking my vitamins and supplements again including my essential fish oils. Then I get to add chicken on Friday! WOOT!
I'm still feeling good, except today my knees hurt. I am not sure if it is the weather or if it is another detox symptom, since I've been running, maybe I released some toxins and I'm feeling it now?
The colon cleansing is going much better today. I think having some solids in my system may have helped, since I'm getting a little more warning when a movement is coming. :)
Onward to day 4 of the rest of my life!

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