Monday, July 09, 2007

Detox Day One

Wow, today was hard, rewarding but hard. I wasn't expecting to feel hungry as much as I did today. I had to remind myself about how our bodies are persistent and will make you think your hungry when it's really not just because it's craving something it is addicted to. I remember that from doing the Atkins and trying to get through the first two weeks, breaking the carb addiction.
I started off this morning excited and confident. I got to work and made it until 8:30 before stating the prescribed schedule. That is when I realized that I forgot my herbal tea and home...and my wallet. Thank goodness I live about 2 miles from work so I ran home and got my wallet, and since I really only had 2 tea bags left I decided to stop and pick up new teas. I got herbal Truely Blueberry and Honey, Vanilla, chamomile, and a peach green tea. Well I started with the blueberry which was just awful, but I wasn't using stevia or lemon. Later in the afternoon when I tried the chamomile one, i decided that the blueberry wasn't so bad LOL! I am so used to putting all that sugar in there to make it taste better. I also picked up a Green Tea which I figured I didn't want to use too much but for those caffeine headaches it would come in handy. So I had that at 2:30 and it helped out and by now I was getting used to drinking (rather chugging) these non-sugared teas.
The Green Drink....WOW, I am impressed, it tastes very good. It smells like bubble gum and has a sweet taste to it as well. I even had my boss smell it to make sure I wasn't loosing it. Two thumbs up MVD! I didn't do the veggie splash, kinds lost as to where in the program that is suppose to fit in. I sent an email to Dr. Roni's website to ask, also to point out the error on the times in the schedule (two 2:30's and no 4:30 slot)
I got Mangosteen from Hi Health as the High Density Antioxidant berry drink. You use 1oz two times a day. I found out something very important today, do not dilute this doesn't taste very good diluted, just do it as a shot, trust me, unless you have a set of triplets the help cheer you on with a chug chug chug chant. (thank you girls!) I also found out that distilled water doesn't have a great flavor either. :P

OK well so I did pretty good, I learned a lot and survived ... OH wait DINNER:
I made one of the soups. I made the Curried Vegetables. It turned out well! I was again, surprised. It tasted like a fluffy orange squash, only it was pea green. I was relived to finally have something that I felt would give me a full feeling, and it did. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't know what mixed greens where to which my hubby informed me was collard green and I didn't think that I could...I have had them before and I did not like them at all so I substituted fresh spinach. Tomorrow I am planning on making Ginger Carrots. I'm excited, I think that will taste real yummy!

So, this evening I am feeling a bit worn out. I was a good detoxer and took my mile walk and even did a few extra stretches. Mentally I was feeling a little down cause I am feeling so tired, but then I saw all your wonderful comments on my blog and it really cheered me up! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am so grateful to have company, plus, have I mentioned yet how wonderfully supportive my husband has been? He did my soup shopping for me this afternoon and he went for my walk with me...actually, he helped motivate me to go on the walk. Thank you hunny!

Uh....... SO far, normal bm's and no cramping. I was feeling a little nauseous as I sat down to blog, but that seems to have passed, and I do have a slight headache, started after my walk....maybe just need more water.


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At 10:30 PM , Anonymous Tiff said...

Congratulations on your first day!! It sounds like you did great and you are a great motivation. Good luck on day two!

At 7:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB! Congrants on Day One! Just think how much good you are doing to yourself! I just ordered the book and my husband and I want to start the detox soon as well. I will be reading your blog with great interest to see what your experience is. You are doing GREAT!

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Andrea said...

I'm so impressed with how you've gotten yourself organized and your family to support you!! I know when I start things (projects, exercize plans, anything to make the "New Me") I have a tendency to jump in without really planning things out. I think you will do well, and you are inspiring me to get on the ball and do something (and be consistent!). Good luck!

At 6:03 PM , Anonymous Erika Watkins said...

I started the detox today, and I look forward to seeing your results .

At 7:15 PM , Anonymous kym said...

Way to go on your first day! what did you think about the juicing part of the program? do they tell you what to juice or you're allowed to make your own cocktail?
20 days to go, you can do it! :)

At 12:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just started mine today and am feeling pretty good and want you to do well because you are gonna be my inspiration and im glad that you think that the green drink is good because i bought mine somewhere else and it tastes awful and i cant drink it sooo ggooooddd luck! i hope it works for me as well as it does for you

At 9:23 PM , Blogger xoxopjoxox said...

ohhhhh soo that two 2:30 are actually an error... soo everyone who has the book is reading it wrong, a little suprising. I never started it yet, I bought and read the entire book, im justing getting all the stuff and am going to start it this week.

You're probally busy and all but if you could, what is the brand of Green tea you used.

AND i was a bit confused about the way you used your High Density Antioxidant berry drink (1oz. shots) the book wasn't like that was it?

At 11:16 AM , Blogger xoxopjoxox said...

I would love to know what Green Tea you bought, and ps did you find out what the veggie splash is for, what i personaly think it is, is a juice. Your to have the green drink, and berry, drink, and make your own drink, well i think thats where the vegiie splash comes in from.

But did you use it, your results were great and im in the process of buying everything, i'd love to hear what you thiink.

PS- did you go to a colon therapist for you know what :P, im at bit uneasy about that but your result are great i wanted to know if you acutally did it, and the coffee enema's. That i really dont have an issue with....


At 2:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job on your first day!!!!!!!!my mom is trying the diet and we are eating one of the foods from the book tonight for dinner!aren't you proud of her?

At 8:40 AM , Blogger Amy said...

First of all, congrats on all of your success, I hope my detox turns out as well as yours seems to have. Second, I just have a quick question about the green drink...i started the detox today (yay!) and i had my first green drink at 10:30 and i wanted to turn right around and throw it up, it tasted TERRIBLE! what type of drink mix did you use (mine was from the kit I purchased through Dr. Roni's site) and did you simply mix the drink with 8 oz. of water?

At 9:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome, awesome, awesome!! you are truly inspirising me to just suck it up and plunge into this detox!

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