Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Detox Day 2

I got up this morning with a nasty headache. I felt so sure this was just caffeine withdrawal. I got up and weighted myself. 242.6 WOO HOO that is like 5 pounds. I'm psyched and no matter what happens. I can make it another day. I got all my powders together and got my son up and headed out to start my day. I have been pre-measuring out the powder drinks in a baggy and bringing them with me to work. I have a gallon of distilled water at work in the refridge there and split up my teas between home and work. I finally found a use for those left over breast milk bags! I measure out the Mangosteen (High Density antioxidant berry drink only need 1 oz) into them and bring it to work. Prefect for transporting liquids! :D
Oh and also another side note. The kit comes with a veggie splash and an essential greens. I got the veggie splash in a tomato flavor and the greens in a berry flavor. I mention this because the schedule had me very confused for day one, and even though I read and thought I prepared I couldn't figure out why I had to go buy an antioxidant berry drink when I had the berry flavored green drink...and then the schedule never mentioned the veggie splash. I think I was just being to simple. The veggie splash and the essential greens are both considered the "green drink" and you could also use it as the antioxidant berry drink. see, that is why I was confused so I just decided this is how I am going to do it:
Wake up and have water on the way to work and tea if need
8:30 mangosteen , at least 8 oz of water, herbal cleansing formula, and sip the tea until gone.
10:30 8oz of water with the essential greens (very berry, smells like bubble gum and tastes sweet...not bad), then sip on hot tea and water
12:30 8oz of water with the veggie splash, herbal cleansing formula, water and tea
2:30 8oz of water with the essential greens (very berry), water and tea
4:30 another shot of the mangosteen and a 8 oz glass of water
6:00 DINNER!
I have been making the soups from the recipe in the book. Today I made ginger carrot. It was good although I think they have too much spice in them. I did cut back on the recommended cloves and nutmeg and ginger, but the liquid was still too spice for me to drink. I did down a few gulps.
So, soup, broth, I picked the papaya enzyme tablets so a couple of those and night time herbal cleansing.
7:30 I'm usually tea'd out so i just do a bunch more water
Bedtime: chug a 4oz cup of the Aloe Vera juice chasing it with water.

So back to the day...my headache grew and grew all morning long. Did a couple postings on the google group and started to think...I really haven't had a BM since Monday AM....and i thought I would be having a lot more, one of the comments suggested that maybe it's because I hadn't had a BM and i should do an enema. I'm not completely against them, but...I'm trying to hold off until I feel like I need it. I don't really know how I feel about them except, they will be uncomfortable. So then after reading these comments I start to panic a little, is it because I didn't have a BM? Is it my blood pressure? Is it just the diet? Am I going to die? Pass out? .....Needless to say I ended up leaving work because the headache was so bad. I kept telling myself, drink water and rest, drink water and rest... I got home and laid down and the headache got worse. So I found if I stayed standing up and swaying a little it didn't hurt as bad, but then I felt like a big nerd having a fit or something lol. I did end up being able to sit on my reclining couch, reclined and fell asleep then, I remember having the chills and a couple of hot flashing and I took comfort in that knowing it was the diet getting my system going. I did get to rest for about 2 hours and it did help, but then it was time to pick up the kiddos and get dinner going. Sometimes I find that if you move around when you have a headache it does seem to help and that helps me keep moving when the kids around.

I did end up have a BM after dinner which also made me feel better....emotionally more so than physically, never been so glad to see poop from me!

About an hour after dinner I felt better and with the kids safely tucked in bed hubby and I went for our 1.3 mile walk. I really feel better this evening. I still have an essence of the headache, but it is much better and I feel good about making it through another day and still doing my walk and stretches. So..... DAY TWO DOWN and 19 TO GO!

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