Monday, July 30, 2007

Breaking the Detox Day 1

WOW, I made it...I just could hardly believe it! I discussed with DH that I wanted to break my fast with him and the family but he pointed out the book says to eat the veggies for lunch and I'm not sure why it is specific but I thought I better stick to that at least for today. So I brought my carrots, cucumber and green pepper to work with me, and decided to do my protein shake for dinner.
My first food in 21 days was a carrot. It's funny I cut up all my food super tiny thin sticks i guess I was afraid of the reaction I would have to chewing. The carrot was beautiful. It was sweet and solid. I really enjoyed it. I took 1/2 hour to eat my veggies. I wanted to enjoy them all. The cucumber was cool, and crunch, with a very mild taste. The green pepper was Strong and vivid. I had to take it a little slower with them. In the end, I ate all but 2 strips of the peppers. It was good, I took my enzyme tablets one in the middle and one at the end, but didn't have a stomach ache. I cant wait to eat my fruit tomorrow. I have chosen strawberries. I just finished cutting them up, along with my veggie lunch.
For my dinner this evening I did the protein shake. I picked the vanilla flavor, and here is the stupid reason why. I love chocolate so much that chocolate flavored supplements taste gross to me, and I figured I could always add something to the vanilla shake if it was gross. Well, I blended it up real good in the bullet (did I mention it started working again the next day?) and sat down with the family for dinner. It was ...ehhhhhhhhhh.... honestly the berry flavored green drink tasted better, but Tomorrow, I will put a strawberry or something in it.
SO, breaking the fast went well...I'd love to go try eating something else right now
The colon cleanse continues for DH and me, actually today was an active day for me there...I'm cutting back my pills tonight cause I stopped counting after the 13th trip to the restroom before noon. DH said he didn't break 10...
DH isn't here tonight :( he and his brother and my daughter went scouting for the up coming hunting season so my trips jumped in to do my walk with me, however it rained and rained over here, and some streets had standing water on them so I broke out the work out dance tape. It's 40 minutes and that is about 20 minutes more then we do on our walk so I figured it was a fair exchange. Probably better.... SO we rocked the living room after my DS went to bed.

Thanks for all your great comments! I really appreciate them....They all put a big smile on my face. I am proud that I made it! I am excited for my lifestyle change.
I don't know how to end it....
How about Day 1 DONE, Rest of my life to go! :D

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At 5:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janice. I'm sooooooooooo proud of you! You are an encouragement and inspiration to me.


At 9:43 AM , Blogger elle said...

way to go Janice! you are a true leader and inspiration. please continue your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Elle, Portland Oregon

At 9:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Janice! Way to go!! thank you so much for taking the time to document this exciting journey! I appreciate how open and frank you are about all of your experiences. I'm on day 12 and have lost 12 pounds so I know how hard it is to stick to it! You are an encouragement for me to keep going. Many thanks!!!

At 5:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone send me the Post detox manual and schedule I have 1 more day of the detox and I can't seem to find the schedule to reintroduce yourself to foods again

At 6:57 AM , Blogger chickycola said...

I'm sorry, if you want me to contact you, you will need to leave me a way to do so.

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